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    25 July

    Turkey Finance and Investment Forum

    The Investment and Finance Forum 2023 will be over three days, and it is one of the advanced means and tools that contribute to the expansion and growth of foreign direct investment and directing it towards sustainable innovation.
    The Industrial and Agricultural Investment and Finance Forum 2023 will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, and the forum comes at a time when the world’s need for sustainable investment is increasing, which helps support foreign direct investment flows and thus achieve an economic jump that achieves long-term social and environmental benefits.

    The discussion is also taking place against the background of the increase in foreign direct investment globally, as foreign direct investment in the world rose by 77 percent in the year 2021 to reach $1.65 trillion from $929 billion in 2020, and the level of 2021 was higher than the pre-pandemic period.

    Foreign direct investment and finance constitute one of the themes of the Industrial and Agricultural Investment and Finance Forum 2023, which will discuss a wide range of important issues, while contributing to the expansion of opportunities. In addition to the industrial and agricultural investment axis, the forum will include other axes such as small and medium enterprises, start-up companies and future cities

    Tools and methods
    Foreign direct investment brings significant benefits to both investors and host countries. Many countries consider this type of investment as one of the main elements for accelerating and strengthening their economies, which prompts them to rehabilitate the infrastructure that encourages the growth of foreign investments. As part of the forum’s discussions on the FDI theme, the participants will study appropriate investment promotion ideas, tools and methods that support further FDI attraction plans. This is particularly important amid continuing uncertainty and a volatile market landscape in the world.

    More importantly, the forum focused on guiding foreign direct investment towards “sustainable innovation”, which is absolutely necessary to achieve sustainable and inclusive development. The discussion on these vital issues will be led by Turkish and Arab experts who will present their opinions and analyzes, as their participation will be valuable for developing effective plans and programs for foreign direct investment.

    It is noteworthy that the FDI axis of the Industrial and Agricultural Investment and Finance Forum 2022 aims to help investors know and explore more promising investment opportunities in Turkey and the regions. The forum will include pre-forum workshops, dialogue sessions, investment meetings and other activities to highlight economic models and policies that ensure investor confidence. A portfolio of the forum will be presented, which includes the most important proposed projects, as well as the most recent trends and main investment destinations for foreign direct investment at the present time.

    Regulatory frameworks

    The discussion in the workshops will address “Integrated and Innovative Approaches to Investment Financing” to discuss the best ways to attract green FDI, talk about the “FDI Attractiveness Scheme and Adapt to Volatile Times” and discuss Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investment and Impact Investment.

    It is noteworthy that the Industrial and Agricultural Investment and Finance Forum 2023, which will bring together many prominent personalities, includes decision-makers, economic, financial and academic experts, in addition to financiing companies and companies looking for shareholders and joint stock companies.
    There are a set of criteria that any economy must contain to be able to attract investors and enhance their confidence, which include stability, infrastructure, effective communication network, empowering investment agencies, regulatory frameworks that guarantee the rights of investment parties, knowledge activities, legislation and facilities, innovative activities, and government vision. Sovereign funds, foreign assets, competitiveness, and access to regional and global markets.

    the role of finance companies

    The forum provides a leading Arab and international platform for attracting foreign direct investment, and researching the role of financing and strategic partnerships in attracting larger investments to the region, as it plays a pivotal role in activating investor relations, financial institutions and banks and opening channels of communication in its home, which results in cooperation and pioneering partnerships.

    The forum emphasizes on the importance of the role of investment promotion agencies that open opportunities for developing countries to attract investments based on knowledge and innovation.
    The forum will identify the obstacles and challenges facing the foreign direct investor in Turkey and ways to address them to improve the economic climate in general and lay down comprehensive plans to develop the necessary infrastructure to attract investment projects.

    participated countries

    Azerbaijan – Rwanda – Jordan – Iraq – Lebanon – Tunisia – Libya – India – Oman – Qatar etc. are countries that are looking for investors to participate in the forum and reserve pavilions for their countries

    Al Multaqa portfolio of investment and agricultural financing includes:

    1. The most important projects proposed for investment
    2. The most important projects proposed for participation
    3. The most important projects proposed to contribute
    4. A brief feasibility study for the attached projects
    5. Requirements for each project

    Participating companies:
    1. Finance companies
    2. Financial studies companies
    3. Joint stock companies
    4. Banking companies
    5. Investment service companies
    6. Production line companies and project processing
    7. Real estate companies
    8. Franchise companies and those who want to promote their brand


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