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    Advanced Business Services and Solutions managed to expand and select the best external vendors and facilities around the world that best meet to our clients’ needs; Based on their own demands and business experience.

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    Previous Partnerships

    Strategic Partnership:

    Middle East and Africa:

    Expo taim, sudan

    Export, sudan

    Masterpieces of international exhibitions

    Skyexpo, turkey

    Asyafuarlar, turkey

    Merits Marketing, turkey

    Arab Export Development Centre

    AMISYA in Oman

    Waaqea’Al A’mal for Development and Commercial Investment, KSA

    Al-Ghalul factory for agriculture activities, Syria

    The Iraqi chamber of commerce

    Europe and Asia:

    Lookexpo, Holland

    UNCORD united national Co. for development

    Emballages Marcan, Quebec

    And other international entities

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